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Allt blir självklart, genomlyst
All Becomes Obvious, Transparent
2015, 2m30s
A Biconditional
A Biconditional


Double Take
2013, 1m41s

The Lower Hand
2013, Loop 25s

From the Villain
2013, Loop 43s

A Sensation!
2012, 1m38s

A Hand That Speaks
2011, 1m17s

A Veracity A Mendacity
2010, 4m58s

The Wind
2009, 3m44s

The Vanishing Point
2008, 2m20s

Delusion Disillusion
2008, 3m33s

Where Am I to Go?
2008, 3m20s

Going Nowhere Fast
2007, 4m22s

2006, 3m33s