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Where did it all start    Remake    A Work of Art    Allt blir självklart, genomlyst    Double Take    A Veracity A Mendacity    The Lower Hand    From the Villain    A Sensation    Look at These Hands    A Hand That Speaks    The Wind    The Vanishing Point    Delusion Disillusion    Where Am I to Go    Going Nowhere Fast    Institution    Freedom's Steel    A Small Part of the World    Chase    Whereto I Go    Al ladro    Prairie Stop, Highway 41    State of Fear    A North Window for the Man with Vertigo    Bodega Bay School    Ögonblick/Moments    Sliced Classics    Nine Piece Rope    879 Colour    Everybody Wants to Be Grant    Active Passive Passage Conversation    My Name Is Grant    879    He Dies at the End