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Digital Video, 6m6s
Colour, Stereo, Aspect Ratio 4:3
© 1997

−As sure as fate.
−He who lives will see.
−Sour grapes, said the fox.

Three lines from “He Dies at the End”, an animation based upon three meetings between a man and a woman. The dialogue and plot are created almost entirely out of well−known sayings and cliches. The film is balancing the empty words against the content of the pictures, and makes through this a unique context, where recognition and surprises play major parts. Samuel Dahlberg wrote this in the magazine Space #2 (March, 2000): “The video is a contribution to the indefatigable debate about originality. It can be put against our lifelong stribe for variation and renewal, and not to repeat the already said and done in a world thirsty for news, our fear to be judged, packaged and squeezed into a line.”

“He Dies at the End” is drawn in computer, completely by hand, and was first shown in November 1997. After that it has been shown frequently, in exhibitions and at festivals in many parts of Sweden and also internationally.