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Digital Video, 1m52s
Colour, Stereo, Aspect Ratio 4:3
© 1999

“My Name Is Grant” is a manysided work, which investigates the icon role, that Cary Grant had already during his lifetime, and that puts the spectator in an imaginative centre to be on the same level as the subject of the video.
The work is the first in a series of works, which with basis in Grant inverstigates things like celebrityhood, identity, dual personalities and media hype. The take-off from Grant is partly because Cary Grant really was an alias for Archibald Leach, something that occationally made him confused in the search of his own self.

Originally being a soundwork, with the central point in Grant’s monologue, the video is illustrated by aesthetically put sceneries, that do not interfear with the video’s soundtrack. All pictures are chosen and created frame by frame, the same procedure as in animation.