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Single-channel/8-channel installation, 45m
Colour/Black & White, Stereo, Aspect Ratio 4:3
© 2003

Imagine a work made entirely from parts of old movies that has never before been seen. In “Sliced Classics” this is applicable, atleast when it comes to viewing the appropriated originals on a TV-monitor.
“Sliced Classics” is a work with the same conceptual take-off as “Nine Piece Rope” – which is to move the focus of the viewer from the centre to the peripheral areas of the image. In “Sliced Classics” this idea is carried to extremes.
Eight classic Hollywood movies make the base of the new work, but only the very edges of the movies are used, edges one usually never sees, or atleast never thinks very much about while viewing the original movie. A regular TV-monitor generally always crops the image on the inside of the parts used.
In “Sliced Classics” these extremely forgotten parts create the whole image, which becomes almost entirely abstract – a completely new work. The project “Sliced Classics” is an extensive work containing eight separate parts, and the total length is around 45 minutes.

Below you can watch an excerpt from “Sliced Classics”: